The Best Summer Drinks for 2022

The Best Summer Drinks for 2022

There are so many different types of cocktails and drinks to choose from, it isn’t any wonder that we get a bit overwhelmed by choice, and tend to have our favourites that we stick to year in, year out.

Some people drink alcohol during the summer because it is hot outside, but there are also many non-alcoholic options for those who want something refreshing without the alcohol. These non-alcoholic drinks include lemonade, fruit juices, teas, coffee, and iced tea, not to mention all the amazing mocktails to be had these days.

Personally, I love an ice-cold Provencal rose served with plenty of ice in the summer. Just a small splash of wine thanks, or it gets watered down far too fast! I didn’t jump on the Frose trend, but I’m now reconsidering that- shame I’ve finished all the strawberries out of my own garden now!

Red wine is too warm for the heat, white wine comes up to room temp too fast to be enjoyable, so an icy beverage is just the ticket. But also, a cold lager is a treat on hot days, and of course, I love fruit juice and soda, mixed together to make a refreshing fruity cocktail.

Anyway, there are plenty of tip-top summer drinks to choose from, just make sure your cocktail cabinet is fully stocked, so you can take your pick from whatever you fancy!

Here are my top 6 drinks of summer, 2022

Aperol spritz – the Milan classic of Aperol liquor, prosecco, soda, and a slice of orange bobbing around in an enormous glass full of clinking ice cubes. Refreshing and delicious wherever you drink it, Milan or Milton Keynes.

Pimms – I know, I know, it’s an oldie! But it’s also a goodie. There really is nothing to rival the ease of making up a big jug of Pimms when guests come over and does anything else scream British summer like it? Lots of mint, strawberries and cucumber are essential, and instead of lemonade, for a much less cloying and more refreshing drink, try mixing it with ginger ale and soda – proportions up to you.

Frozen Margarita – another classic, but who can beat the clean and sharp deliciousness of a Margarita? Add in the slushie texture and a freezing cold glass and you might be holding perfection in your lightly sweating hand. Get the best white tequila you can afford (the cheap stuff burns), and I would recommend using Cointreau for your triple sec component to get the lovely citrus elements humming. Try to use as little sugar syrup as you can, the better to get the full punch of the lime juice.

Cool shandy – a shandy is a much often overlooked drink. It really was horribly naff for so long, and I personally don’t enjoy cheap lager mixed with cheap lemonade. It’s far too sweet for my tastes. However, a home made lemonade is a beautiful thing, bearing no similarity to an R Whites clear fizzy pop. A cloudy lemonade, or a more upscale, less sugary sweet lemonade, will equally well stand in. You can use pretty well any beer or lager you choose. My beer of choice is a more bitter lager to stand up to the sweetness of the lemonade. Don’t forget to garnish it with a slice of citrus, maybe even a sprig of rosemary or a twig of lavender if you feel it will complement the drink. Feel free to change up the lemonade for another citrus flavour, grapefruit in particular is a popular flavour in beers these days, And a strawberry soda mixed beer shandy seems to be a thing. I can’t recommend it as I havent tried it. but feel free to experiment!

However you decide to make a shandy, make sure the glass, the beer and the lemonade are all ice-cold before you start pouring. And go lemonade first, let it fizz up before you pour in your beer to avoid a sticky mess.

Frozen espresso martini – who doesn’t love an espresso martini?? I sure do! But you might not want to drink too many of those while it’s warm, for fear of palpitations, getting totally hammered, and not being able to sleep well for a couple of nights! Please remember to drink responsibly. So, on a hot day, a frozen espresso martini is just the ticket. All the flavour plus a whole load of ice to keep you cool, and a little touch hydrated. It’s also easier to make than a usual espresso martini- bung everything in a blender and press the button, rather than throwing a shaker about like Tom Cruise circa 1988.

Prosecco slushie – Another easy-peasy blended drink. The biggest hassle here will be rinsing out the blender jug between cocktails! Prosecco, frozen berries and a big load of ice, mmmm. Add in a drop of Grand Marnier to complement the frozen berry sharpness, and garnish with a sprig of lime and a thick straw. A great way to use up any prosecco or cava that is a little too sweet to drink alone, and a fabulous frozen drink to impress your guests. Only you will know how easy it was to make 🙂